Yet another ‘Biherseb zone’ to be carved in Amhara killil

Yet another ‘Biherseb zone’ to be carved in Amhara killil

This time it is said for Qemant people in the present North Gondar, the fourth of such ‘zones’ to be organized in Amhara region. here is the link

I thought Qemant is more of a religious than an Ethnic group. Ofcourse, it is upto the people who should decide who they are, but their langauge, religion, way of life, etc is no different from the rest ‘Amhara’ people in North Gondar.

So, the question is: are we going to see the same for people like Tigre-Werji, Zay, Karrayou, etc in the so-called Oromiya? I thought these people have a more valid identity question than the Qemant.

If there is fairness, every identity question should be addressed.

and if one has to consider the 20-30 different tribes lump-summed as ‘Oromo’ in Oromia, the 40-50 different tribes living as ‘Somali’ in ‘Ethiopian Somali’ regionl and some 20 more tribes with ‘wrong’ identities in other regions, I think the real tribal count of Ethiopia will be around 200.

It is going to be a mess but a good one!


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