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Sunday, 2013-10-20, 6:23 PM
Main » 2013 » October » 9 » Ethiopian regime forcing peaceful oppositions members and supporters to lose their job

7:21 PM

Ethiopian regime forcing peaceful oppositions members and supporters to lose their job


The ethiopian constitution guarantees freedom of association and assembly, the government did not allow opposition parties to organize freely or to canvass for new members. Several opposition parties candidates were harassed or put into prison, with the government seeking to intimidate citizens away from siding with the opposition. Oromo opposition parties with an ethnic agenda are in most cases banned or severely harassed. Dubious accusations have been levelled against opposition figures, including a “plot to overthrow the government.” Any serious challenges to EPRDF ideas by opposition leaders are equated with attempts to overthrow the government by force or with violating the constitution, and are met with harsh sentences. On the other hand, opposition parties are not effectively managed, and have shown limited ability to inspire their members or society at large to engage in a democratic society-building process.

Living under difficult economic situation, job loss is a very serious matter which is considered a suicide in the Ethiopian Empire, and, therefore, the peaceful oppositions will have to think twice before saying “no” to the warning of the dictatorial authorities and endangering their life and their families.

Over the years the TPLF regime has been abusing its political power to put every sector of the peaceful oppositions under its control by denying them their natural rights. For instance the TPLF regime is notoriously known for using job entrance criteria for its political purpose those who graduated from universities, colleges, and other educational and training institutions, to show their EPRDF membership before they are employed.

BY Daniel masho


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