The Usefulness Assurance of Academic Freedom in Ethiopia`s Education System

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Academic freedom is a human right of special usefulness especially to the higher education sector. However although there are extension international instruments and guidance in the field of human rights, in general  there is a lack of it in the field of higher education, which include academic freedom .the concepts drive from the right to education and relates to the right to freedom of thought and freedom of opinion and expression.

Education in Ethiopia has failed to achieve its prime objective due to lack of academic freedom in higher institution of learning. Actually, the prime objective of education would be having each person being empowered intellectually and politically to participate fully in the affairs of government and social reproduction. However, deficiency of academic freedom in the education of Ethiopian’s, has held back.

TPLF has changed higher education institution of Ethiopia to merciless cadres training centers.It looks the TPLF government is building so called colleges and universities not to produce educated citizens but to increase its immoral and unethical party members. The campus looks a fenced land where wild wolves chase a herd of sheep. Majority of the students spend most of their time in fear of the government, security forces and spying agents rather than focusing on their education.TPLF has broken the trust between teachers and students and among the students themselves .students who try to organize themselves on non-ethnic basis are punished while the ethnocentric EPRDF members are promoted for making students fear and hate each other on ethnic line.

This has totally hindered the objective of education to the people and contributing to intellectual is here therefore ,that we stress the need for the constitution to assurance the right of academic freedom in all higher institutions of learning .It is the only in this way that the education will act as an instrument of positive social change ,education being relevant to the social environment , political and cultural situation of our country, which serves the people and is integrated with productive labour and though the Ethiopia people and the society of the higher institution shall realize this realty and take action that could reverse this dangerous anti-social course.

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