The country has been destroyed by decades of strange economic policies, hostile, aggressive and suppression of political opposition, horrible lack of democracy, massive  violation against basic Human Rights, strong emphasis on military forces and imprisoning of enormous members of people, merciless cadres train institutions, unethical party members, Ethiopia is the prototype of a country that went completely wrong ending up in a horrible dictatorship .The people in Ethiopia are suffering horribly, some of them starving to death.

Decades of this rigid state controlled system have led to stagnation and a leader ship dependent on the cult of personality. Ethiopia faces today a deep and deepening crisis compared with other depending nations. Ethiopia now risks being marginalized in the world .A very important factor that contributed to this failure is the perpetuation of inherited colonial structures, which are often ineffective .This could be added to the problem of the continuing fragmentation, fragility and external control of the development process poor social and economic infra-structure, and the concentration of the benefits from development in the hands of just a few. The regime imposed its unilateral vision, inflicting on us the highest degree of totalitarianism. Implicit acceptance of our situation gradually turns in to actual acceptance and the citizens start reinforcing the oppressive system. This lead to weakening of opposition forces and a general social consensus about the modern world.

Institutional repression and suppression occur when established laws, customs, and practices systematically reflect and produce inequities based on one`s membership in targeted social identity groups. If regressive consequence accrue to institutional law, customs or practices, the institution is repressive whether or not the individuals maintain those practices have repressive intentions.



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