11Set by Berhane Assebe Alehudres

The form of government that has power to govern with out of consent of peoples . This dictator ship concern the source of the governing power without people’s consent & controls every aspect of people’s life. Power is concentrated in a dictator or small clique /small ethnics grope/,also a single party led by a single powerful individual with powerful secret police .They don’t believe peoples as a form of government where those who govern are selected through consented election .Dictatorship &totalitarian key traits are control of mass communications, social &economical organizations

The rule is absolute power. That is:

  • A single entity rules, this entity rule as individual as autocracy and with group as in a oligarchy
  • Tyranny/dominance through threat of punishment & violence ,the country ruled by a despot
  • Un justice impositions or restraints
  • The rules in selfish &arbitrary manner
  • The rule is  an by leader ship un restricted by law ,constitutions or other social &political factors with in the state
  • Civil right are not protected because dictatorship is an  authorial / totalitarian
  • SUPREM RULE, so the supreme rule does not care for the people because he/she does not need to in order to retain power.
  • The rule commit genocide in different ethnics
  • Execution with out of trial or with mock rail ,for political offenses/a violation or breaking of social or moral rule &wrong doing/iniquity
  • Ethnics conflict method ruled/devised method of control &persuasion
  • The rule by decree, repression of political opponents without abiding by rule of law procedures the include single party state& cult personality
  • The one rules has control over the military

The key characteristics of dictatorship & totalitarian regimes TPLF/WEYANNIE are:

  • Human right abuses of the country
  • A small group possesses absolute power without effectives constitutional limitations
  • The determination of persons guilt or innocence by due to process of law
  • The government economy falls under command
  • No allowed free enter pries  system ,no personal freedom ,no private property rights
  • Keep thousands of  political prisoners ,use torture &in human action
  • Leaders devised methods of controls & persuasion , these include  the use of terror ,indoctrinate , propaganda ,censorship and religious or ethnics persecution
  • To provide a sense of security and to give direction for the future often the leader utilizes security police to crush opposition &create a sense of free among the people
  • The resources taken a certain group of people
  • Removed opposition party, if protests or anti-dictator acts are held those equality faced executions ,imprisonment ,torture or a variety of other harsh punishment without trial
  • Responsible for many cruel acts ,deaths& oppressing the citizens of their countries, they had ultimate  control& they separated from the average people by the black barrier
  • The guns represent the military & police control &treat they  were constantly faced with the question marks indicate the obliviousness the majority
  • Killed several people & took their properties and enriched himself
  • They ongoing genocide in different ethnics , or in human genocide of precious human living
  • The structures of state terrorism ,regime ,violence ,classical despotic out fits hegemony
  • The state controls a lot of businesses with ridiculous regulations

Totally a government controlled by a small group of people and take away much of its peoples freedom, and this powers has been obtained by force and when we reverse this evil action?

SEPTEMBER 04 /2013



  1. there is no neither democratic nor reasonable system of leader ship in our country.
    the regime is practicing a day to day aggravated systematic and blind minded calculation of discrimination.
    the Ethiopia regime is one of the worst dictatorship ever seen in the country`s history even when
    compared with the world is silent killer. the mind and the mouth of the people are in
    prison today than in the past
    today we demand-democracy,human right and,justice for all.

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