I want to describe the improper conduct of woyane in the following way

  • Having no natural affection to their people
  • Fierce for their people
  • Lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of people
  • Lovers  themselves  , money, and pleasures but do not love their people
  • Filled up hypocritical religious leaders
  • Fullest dishonest politicians
  • Filled with hardened criminals
  • Filled up wicked sprits for
  • Beating prisoners
  • Tapping telephone
  • Interfering with citizens right
  • Arresting and harassing persons for critizing the government
  • Jamming foreign broad cast periodically
  • Blocking internet and several websites
  • Blocking blogs, and opposition websites
  • Screening of internet browsing and email
  • Forceful displacement of ethnic Amara, Oromo, afar, and Somali
  • Every time or anytime teachers , and other workers had terminate if they belonged to opposition political party
  • Practice lack of transparency in government
  • Practice guilty crime in the council members
  • Practice bribes in the authority
  • Practice illegally giving away government land
  • Practice discrimination in persons
  • Practice ethnic cleansing
  • Practice societal abuses freedom
  • Torture and other ill-treatment on his people
  • Unlawful killing
  • Beating and abusing
  • Mistreatment of his people especially police and federal which took aggressive or violent actions on the innocent people
  • Land grab(forceful eviction of Ethiopia farmers from their land and selling it to foreigners are part of crime
  • Restriction on academic freedom
  • Restriction on freedom of assembly
  • Judicial corruption
  • 1428968-3x2-340x227
  • The TPLF  is a mafia type gang
  • The country itself is up for sale as long as there are buyers out there
  • TPLF stand to serve the interest of other countries  rather than their own
  • TPLF is a terrorist organization that terrorizing its own people
  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely
  • Dividing Ethiopia along ethnic lines
  • Ethiopia regime to continue committing crimes against defenceless people in different part of the country
  • Brutal killings inside mosques
  • Barbaric killing of innocent civilians
  • Characterized by ethnic dictatorship and ethnic inequality
  • Ethnic dictatorship ,judicial manipulation, political repression and corruption are TPLF`s legacy
  • Woyane harassing Christians Muslims ,journalists , civil society ,and opposition party.it is silent killer
  • The mind and the mouth of the people are in prison today than in the past
  • Woyane sell the land to Chinese, Indian or Arabic companies to acquire weapons while millions of citizens are suffering due to famine.
  • The Ethiopia regime as a whole is beyond reform so we firmly and successfully resisted and we Ethiopian cooperate and stand shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand to crack or demolish woyane regime.

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