The Ethiopians Muslim crisis Escalates for the worst


The dire and catastrophic situation of our beloved nation Ethiopia and its heroic people is going from worst to worst by each day.

While the international community is turning a blind eye to its responsibilities in Ethiopia .The crisis there has taken now a sever down ward direction. In the past eighteen months, violence has quickly escalated to end the shaky pace in Ethiopia.

In Addis Ababa, Dessie, shashemenie, Arise, Arbamenchi, others(…)people now live under consistent fear throughout the day because the TPLF`s police has arrested countless Muslims .the evil intent of TPLF/EPRDF to destroy sincere/genuine/ religious practice, no one can deny the TPLF/EPRDF`s success in intruding /force inappropriate/in to the affairs of Ethiopian religious institutions.

Few international institution, like European Development Bank and the African Development Bank, is looking at reviewing some of its policies and explicitly committing to human rights, but the world bank and others do not have that, even on any case, there is no solution to Ethiopians problematic issues unless the regime is overthrown, and this move requires forgetting any positive role the international community may play.

I would like to suggest that immediate measures be taken to alleviate the present dangerous situation and bring a legitimate democratic rule to the country. It is time for the international community to stand with the people instead of supporting armed criminal political regimes


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