An unethical and illegal sterilization practice performed in the name of infection prevention among the native people Machakil in Gojjam.

A specific ethnic group identified as Amara was targeted for vaccination and mass sterilization. This is inhuman and cruel treatment of innocent fellow human beings of selected ethnicity is far beyond the violation of medical ethics, but it is a pure act of genocide.

The matter should be dealt with accordingly and the perpetrators of the crime should be brought to justice. for the sake of humanity and for everybody`s interest, every effort should be made to assure this.

TPLF Sterilizing Amhara Women to Reduce the Amhara Population (Video)

This is ethnic cleansing in action. According to reports in this documentary video, TPLF has been vaccinating birth control shots to Amhara women without their consent. And the result is that none of those who take birth control shots have given birth for many years. And the village women are complaining. They say they have missed seeing kids.







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