BAILE DERSEH                                                                                                        157\2013



Academic freedom has always been viewed as a problematic in Ethiopia. The recent academic integrity crisis on university campuses and governmental intervention have once again brought this issue.

The government restricted academic freedom, including through decisions on student enrolment, teachers` appointment, and the curriculum. Speech, expression, and assembly frequently were restricted on university and high school campuses.

According to sources, the ruling party, via the Ministry of Education, continued to give preference to the students loyal to the party in the assignment to postgraduate programs. staff members commented priority for employment after graduation in all fields was given to students who joined the party.

The TPLF/EPRDF also restricted academic freedom in other ways. Authorities limited teachers ‘ability to deviate from official lesson plans. Numerous anecdotal reports suggested none_ EPRDF members were more likely to be transferred to undesirable posts and bypassed for promotions. There were some reports of teachers no affiliated with EPRDF being summarily dismissed for failure to attend non-scheduled meetings. There continued to be a lack of transparency in academic staffing decisions, with numerous complaints from individuals in academic community alleging bias based on party membership, ethnicity, or religion.

According to multiple credible source/Human Right Watch/ ,teachers and high school students in grade ten and above were required to attend training on the concepts of revolutionary democracy and TPLF/EPRDF party ideology  If you say or comment the government , you will be considering as a terrorist. As it is clear for all us, now a day, there is no academic freedom, no freedom of explaining idea and feeling.

The Ethiopia regime is one of the worst dictatorship overseen in the country`s history even when compared with the world dictators, it is silent killer. The mind and the mouth of the people are in prison today than in the past.


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